Spring is in the air and for many Redwood City residents, that means the time has come to head outside for some fresh air and great weather. But, when you go outside, the appearance of the lawn can make you want to turn right back around and go inside. If your lawn has seen its better days, do not despair. All that it takes is a bit of great yard maintenance redwood city ca to resolve your woes. Use the tips below to help.

1.    Cut the Grass: Keep the grass trim and cut low to avoid an unsightly lawn, pests, and weeds. Mow the lawn on a warm, dry day and avoid grass cutting when it is moist or wet outside.

2.    Plant Flowers: A colorful lawn is a beautiful lawn. Planting flowers add that splash of color that makes the yard stand out and makes you feel confident in your lawn. Plus, tending to the flowers is a great project and hobby.

3.    Hire a Landscaper: A landscaper is a special person with skills that help your yard look its very best. Hire this professional to come out and maintain your lawn, add hardscapes, and make other improvements that keep the lawn looking its best.

4.    Fertilize the Lawn: A well-fertilized lawn is one that has the greenest grass and the most lush charm and appeal. The best time to fertilize the lawn is the late fall or early spring.

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5.    Consider Artificial Turf: If you are sick and tired of cutting the grass and the other upkeep that comes along with lawn maintenance, it’s time to consider artificial turf. You can take your pick of endless artificial turf options and reduce the need for maintenance!

Use these 5 tips to ensure your lawn looks amazing all year long.