Siding is durable and appealing, but it is susceptible to a variety of types of damages, many of which are related to the weather. Wind, storms, heavy rains, snow, and sleet all impact the siding on the home and in the right conditions, cause a plethora of damages. Call a professional to schedule siding repair lake county il at the first sign of trouble.

Of course, it is not only the weather that is responsible for damage to the siding on a home. There are many types of damage that can cause trouble in the siding on your home. Dents and dings from baseballs, pressure from other areas of the home, and sometimes just old age and wear and tear can also cause sustainable damage to the siding on the home.

Common types of siding damage include:

·    Cracks and splits running parallel to the siding

·    Small chips broken off the panel ridge

·    Breaks and holes in the structure of the siding

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·    Stucco damage

·    Paint damage

·    Brick damage

This obviously isn’t a full list of the potential problems that can affect the siding on your home, but is among the most common causes of problems for homeowners. Keep an eye on your home -and for signs of damage- to reduce the amount of trouble that you experience.

Sometimes the damage that your siding receives is minor and at other times the damage is quite severe. It is important to contact a professional if the damage is minor or if it is major. Small cracks and chips only get worse if the problem isn’t repaired on a timely basis. This will affect the appearance of the home and the costs to make a repair when you finally pick up that phone and call for service.